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Ever wondered why your existing mattress isn’t performing the way it should? Wonder why you’re laying in a ‘hole’ and can’t seem to get the peaceful rest you deserve and need? Has your bed not lasted nearly as long, as promised by ill-informed sales consultants? Here’s some news. Your mattress should fit like it was made for you, so you can get your glorious S.L.E.E.P. The solution to all these common issues is by knowing your unique BED NUMBER. The MY BED NUMBER App Technology is exclusively available at BEDS B’ US. It’s completely free and takes a minute or two to calculate.
BEDS B’ US stocks all mattress types, sizes, support levels & preferred comfort.
You are warmly invited to pop in and have a look at what’s on offer. They’re situated on the corner of Knysna Street & 1st Street, George, behind the Nando’s drive-thru right next to Pet & Pool Warehouse. Click this link for directions:


Q How do I know which mattress to buy?

We specialize in beds & mattresses. That's what we do. We stock all the available mattress technologies and our trained sales team knows more about beds than the average Joe. They are there to guide you through the sales process in order for you to make the right, informed choice. We are confident that we will have just the right bed at the right price to fit your specific, unique sleep requirements. BEDS B' US. Right Bed. Right Price. Right Choice!