Footprints Animal Feeding Program

Have a Heart & Save a Life!

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About Us
We live in a small coastal town called George in the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa. The South African economy was downgraded to Junk Status just before the Covid-19 Pandemic manifested, which on its turn induces further negative economic effects due to the lock-down situation. Before the lock-down our animals suffered immensely, but the situation now became even worse, especially in the rural areas and informal settlements where poverty is at its worst.
Why We Do This
There are various animal rescue centers in South Africa, but they are all lacking funding due to the huge need for animal care. We believe that we have the solution for an unique feeding program to relieve hunger amongst our suffering cats and dogs. This feeding program will not be influenced by our country’s high corruption and maladministration of funds. Our goal is to duplicate this business model in all towns and cities around South Africa. Once this process has been successfully established in South Africa, we would like to introduce it to other countries as well. This will bring a huge change to society and it’s animals and as you will discover reading on, it will be a win-win situation for everybody, especially the animals!
The Product

“Have a Heart” project consists of small hand casted hearts with different engraved quotes and messages relating to dogs and cats as shown on photo’s below. There are 34 different quotes and messages. These hearts will be available as a fridge magnet, a key holder or a pendant attached to the pets collar or as a necklace. It is made of Polyester materials which offers a hard and durable product at a very affordable price.
The Concept

The stock for the retail shop consists of one display spinner with 60 Footprints fridge magnets and 60 Footprints key holders. Fifty percent (50%) of proceeds will be awarded to a registered animal shelter of the shop owners’ choice and the remaining Fifty percent (50%) will be used to replenish stock. Once the stocks are sold out the shop owner will issue a food voucher (shown below) to the awarded animal shelter for the purchase of animal food. This is a safe system to avoid mismanagement of funds. The awarded animal shelter is now obligated to redeem this food voucher at this specific retail shop and nowhere else. This will also contribute to the retail shops’ turnover.This concept will ensure that Footprints, the retail shop (s), the animal shelter (s) and, most important, the animals benefit from the process – a real win-win situation!