Life Coaching / Begeleiding vir Lewe

Lewe met Impak

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My name is Willem Badenhorst. I am involve in people’s lives for more than 40 years. My passion is to help people develop their full potential. Life coaching and Mentoring is a very efficient way to do an intervention in someone’s life


Q Hoekom hierdie begeleiding?

‘n Mens is te subjektief om self jou beperkende oortuigings raak te sien. Jy het meestal ‘n onafhanklike geoefende inset nodig om jou te help raaksien wat jy mis.

Q What is a Limiting belief?

It is something you sub-consciously believe about yourself that is either not true or a misconception you came to even from a young age

Q Is this coaching faith based?

I believe that Christ came to restore our relationship with/in God. Many non-christians got a wrong impression of God because of the way God was portrayed to them

Q Hoeveel sessies is nodig?

Die basiese program bestaan uit 5 sessies van 45-60 minute elk. Daarna besluit ons saam oor die pad vorentoe volgens die kliënt se behoefte

Q What will the outcome look like?

The client will have a better understanding of their own purpose as well as tools to develop their own potential and understand how they can make an Impact in Life