Mastering It


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We have the vision of helping and assisting people to master their education, life and career planning through providing them with a single platform to invest in themselves to grow in their current skills and knowledge base for education, life and career.

Quite a mouthful! But our services consist of the following:

  • Extra Classes
  • Study skills classes
  • Life skill workshops
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Aptitude testing

Our greatest desire is to see each individual grow to his or her fullest potential! We invest in this vision through taking on a holistic approach to providing services in the education, life and career aspects for individuals. We’ve been helping a range of people these last few months, from school going students, to adults, to parents struggling to juggle all the responsibilities that appeared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through providing support and encouragement, growth is possible in each of our clients.

It is especially through our Life & Career Coaching services that we aim in building better relationships with our clients, meet them where they are at and help them with great tools for life and their careers. Many times it is the “How-to”s in life that we are in need of.
Our Life Skill Workshops, on the other hand, has the aim of equipping our clients. From Life tools to Finances, Makeup, and getting equipped for Business.

We have a great Mastering It team that renders these services and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also started to make our services available on an online basis and this helped us to reach out to more people. It will be great to be of assistance to you and hear from you!

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