Pegasus Proactive Training and Development


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What do you expect of your customers?

  • loyalty
  • word of mouth advertising
  • referrals
  • to buy every time they enter your business
  • to spend more than they intended


That is why you need:

Employees who are

  • competent, able and willing
  • well trained in taking care of your customers

Benefits of using Pegasus Proactive Training and Development training programs:

  1. Training is done on the sales floor – no need to send your staff member out of the store.
  2. One trainer one trainee – no getting lost in a group.
  3. Specific and focused – according to your standards and business environment.
  4. Maximum of three hours training per employee per day – trainee stays fresh and focused.
  5. Confident staff members ensure more sales, incom Growth.
  6. Certificates issued – useful tool in HR procedures.
  7. Various training programs available.